I often talk to businesses who are worried about how to deal with negative feedback – especially on social media. Some companies are so terrified (and I don’t use that word flippantly, they are really scared), of a negative comment that they continually play safe. Ultra safe. Upset no one becomes the company policy. It seldom works – playing safe isn’t the best policy for many companies, and people get upset at all sorts of things. Honey Maid recently made a commercial showing families, lots of different families – and they got a lot of feedback. I guess I should stop writing and just let you watch the video:

Thank you Honey Maid for showing us how to deal with negative comments. For those of you who think you have to make a sculpture, you could just take the basic message – react with positivity and love. Be who you are and don’t let the critics change you.

The original Honey Maid commercial that so many loved (and a few people complained about) is here.