holidaycardsforhumanityThe inventive hothouse that is BBR Creative, have produced a wonderful seasonal play on Cards against Humanity – Cards FOR Humanity. A pack of delightful cards (digital versions are also available) … As Daniel, the Digital Marketing Director told me :

“We decided there is entirely too much negativity during the year so we came up with a project that we call BBR Cards for Humanity (#BBRforhumanity). Basically we are playing off of the cards for humanity game but really wanted to just spread some positivity. We will be launching a website ( as well as sending our cards that people can share with others to bring some goodness to the season.

As a part of this we are also working on other little projects #ForGoodnessSake to make sure we are keeping ourselves grounded in a spirit of positivity. We are currently collecting travel sized toiletries for the Stella Maris Center (#HygieneforHumanity), we gave cups of coffee to UL students during finals, and dropped off some hot chocolate to Arc of Acadiana. We have a couple other initiatives that we are working out, but basically we want to encourage people to do the same. Share the e-cards, download and print their own Cards for Humanity, or just give someone a hug.”

So get into the spirit of the season – grab yourself some cards (you can print them out or use them on social media) at – and help humanity.