I got a bit lost on the internet while looking for clever things to post about and came across this amazing little book by The Flaneur Society – I know I got there from The Coolector (somewhere I’m linking to so that I can find my way back there). I’m not sure how I found the Coolector – fate? random clicking? cyber dinosaurs? – who knows.

I love being lost in a big city*, it’s one of the nicest feelings in the world – wandering and being led by your intuition, or the smell of food, or (in this case) a small, and very beautiful book – The Flaneur Society’s Guide to Getting Lost. I haven’t yet tracked down the physical copy but there is a downloadable pdf on their site. It’s a delightful concept and something I thought only I did – knowing that at some point you’ll find a road with a bus stop on, and the bus eventually leads somewhere- I must be a natural Flaneur.

*I have learned how to do this in Louisiana where the road signs tend to tell you the road you are on, rather than where you are headed. I hide my SatNav and just drive wherever the impulse takes me (only on the way home from client meetings). I know I can pull over at any time and put on the SatNav and it will guide me home.

get lost

Sometimes getting lost is about finding new things – new inspirations and new ways to approach a project. Now go and get lost at The Flaneur Society (leave a trail of breadcrumbs back to this page or go to the top right of the page and sign up for weekly updates)