Dana Klisanin

Dana Klisanin is out to save the world – and she has created a game that can help do just that. “In 2012, psychologist, Dana, introduced the scientific community to the “cyberhero” a new archetype that stands in stark contrast to the “cyberbully”.  Rather than seeking to harm others, the cyberhero seeks to help other people, animals, and the environment. For her research, Dr. Klisanin received the Early Career Award for Scientific Contribution to Media Psychology from the American Psychological Association. Now, she’s bringing her research out of academic journals to the global community in the form of an award-winning interactive game designed to encourage the rise of cyberhero behavior.”

You get to play a game, on screen AND in real life, and help non-profits at the same time. What an amazing idea. Take a couple of minutes to click on the link below, watch the video and do your part: (and yes, everybody can help, even if it’s just sharing this project)