Watching this video I realized that my knowledge of what happens in the postal system comes mainly from an episode of Mary, Mungo and Midge – a children’s tv show featuring a girl, her dog and a mouse. There was (and I’m remembering way way back here) an episode where Midge gets accidentally (or maybe on purpose) posted and travels through the post office. This video shows a way more realistic and modern version of it.

made this simple video by fixing a camera into a box with a video timer and produced this interesting little movie (see below)

While you watch this film ask yourself some questions:

What does your work process look like?

Where does your product go after you ship it?

What does your service provide that your user doesn’t usually see?

It may be time to get inspired

From A to B from Ruben van der Vleuten on Vimeo. (found on which I got to via notcot)