eyescream_merche_alcala_marion_donneweg_2b-thumb-468x468-52287eyescream_merche_alcala_marion_donneweg_6b-thumb-468x468-52299eyescream_merche_alcala_marion_donneweg_8b-thumb-468x312-52308 How do you sell ugly ice cream? Yes, ugly ice cream – “This ice cream is imported from Taiwan, and is somewhat peculiar. Peculiar if not ugly.” say the designers from m Barcelona. “We’ve given it a creative spin from the beginning, and from within the product.” Beautiful and simple from concept to packaging – I can’t imagine this ice cream tasting anything but scarily good.

Of course the question really is, How do you package an unfamiliar product for a whole new market? This is a very clever answer to that.

(via Mocoloco)