This is going to be interesting…

This weekend, in LA there appeared a bright star in the sky, ok – it was a dumb star.. actually a Dumb Starbucks. Using the famous chains logo, menu and other identical branding – but adding the word “dumb”.  The owners insist that it’s all completely legal – because of Parady Laws. They declare that this is ‘work of parody art’ and are therefore entitled under the Fair Use Doctrine. In fact they published a letter explaining this, and that the dumb coffee is really an art piece


The creative part of me that loves things being “clever” is smiling. The business side of me is aghast and waiting to see what happens. I equally love and loathe the chain. I worry that all this is going to do is cost everyone a lot of money and court time, I rejoice that creativity and daring are alive and well.

What do you think? Dumb Starbucks or very clever?

(via both The Daily Mail and Design Taxi – that alone shows my mixed feelings)


UPDATE: Creativity wins – It looks like “Dumb Starbucks” is a set for a Comedy Central show – Nathan for you. Read more here.