I love to work in coffee shops. It’s that wonderful background noise that allows me to concentrate, and brings out my creativity. For a while now, I’ve been able to have those same sounds in my studio* – Thanks to coffitivity.com. Now (can you hear the angels singing?) They have bought out apps for the iphone and ipad – and some new coffeehouse background noises, and you can play your own songs on top of the noise – just like in a real coffee shop.

I am very happy about these developments – yes, I’m doing a happy dance while I write (or maybe I’ve just had too much coffee). I have even been known to use this site in the coffee shop when things are particularly quiet. This is a very simple way to increase your concentration and your creativity. Try it.

*Disclaimer: This app only brings the sounds of the coffee shop, not the actual coffee – I can’t wait for that update!

Find out more at Coffitivity.com – and you are welcome.