This year I have been quietly searching for perfect objects. The perfect notebook, the perfect pen to draw with, the perfect glue. My quest for the glue is over. I found Coccoina.

As Italian schoolchildren have known for years, Coccoina is a simple white paste, it is made from potato starch and is completely solvent free and harmless. It also works beautifully but the best thing is the smell – the amazing scent of marzipan, all almondy and perfect. Just smelling it makes my day better.

It is safe to eat, but luckily it doesn’t taste like it smells, it’s not something you’d want to try twice. It comes in the old fashioned tin (pictured above) or in sticks and tubes.

You can buy it from a variety of places: I first saw it at Kaufmann Mercantile, it’s on amazon (but expensive), and on Green Apple Supply (the best prices I found). Or you can make friends with someone from Italy.

(None of these are affiliate links – just places I found the glue, I’m not trying to sell you anything, just share the delight)

I will be posting about my other “perfect” finds over the coming weeks. Have you found any objects that you will use forever? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll check them out.