Sometimes it’s the little things, those things that you don’t even notice, things like toothpicks. People have been doing more than picking their teeth with them, they have dared to make things with them. Warning: you may never see them in quite the same way again. Here are some creative ideas using the darling little pieces of wood that you used to ignore.

Typographic quotes from student Limkfung in Taiwan, made for his graduate show, using toothpicks of course. (via designtaxi)

knowledge will give you powertoothpick wisdom

Scotch soaked toothpicks. “A subtle boozy peaty flavor when warmed in the mouth after several minutes.” – who knew?  – Find out more here.

scotch toothpick

A beautiful font made from toothpicks from Jerome Haldemann on Behance.I love the views you get from different angles (click through to his page to see the movement).

typickg typickfont

A lamp made from toothpicks, by Daisuke Hiraiwa


Art made from carving toothpicks, yes really. Steven J. Backman makes art of all kinds only using toothpicks (and the occasional blob of glue)

whitehouse.jpg brooklynbridge.jpg

So this week maybe you should look at the humble toothpick a little differently. The tool you pick your teeth with may be better used to pick your brain and create something.

*If you are simply looking for something to hold your toothpicks, at dinner, or maybe while you create a masterpiece, then let me introduce you to the sweetest hedgehog that sits on the edge of your plate. Adorable.


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