I wish it would start already – The World Cup is full of excitement and heartbreak (I’m English) but I can’t help but get excited when I see all the hype – the clever, hype.

I can’t believe I’m featuring anything from The Sun – but they do understand football, and how to hype up the fans – this video* will have you on the edge of your seat (and that song took me straight back to my childhood)

*yes, I know that you can see the editing (if you watch closely) but the feeling is more important.

ESPN have launched a series of World Cup posters – created by Brazilian artist and graphic designer Cristiano Siqueria. The posters, which were created in collaboration with Wieden + Kennedy New York, feature star players from each of the teams pictured in goal celebration mode. ESPN will use the images throughout its coverage of the World Cup. I can see a lot of them being used as facebook profiles as the event draws nearer.

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via Creative Review – see them all here.


I featured this NIKE ad, Risk Everything last week, Here is the Adidas answer: All in or Nothing. Can you spot a theme here…

I’d like to promise that this will be the last time I mention the World Cup, but while England aren’t likely to win*, the creativity around the event will keep me watching.. and hoping.

*I reserve the right to edit this if we do win, and completely deny that I ever doubted them.