This week’s Clever Little Things are all words. The right words in the right place can have an impact that helps create your brand.

I’m going to start with a bathroom cleaner – I think it’s a great example of how you can make your customer smile, even when describing seemingly mundane products. Head over to methodhome for more great product description examples. bathroom cleaner

The next is an example of how one word can make me smile – The word in this case was “tucked” – I found this chocolate bar in the local supermarket and had to take a photo. Simply because of one word.


The final Clever Little Thing today is something I have mentioned on this blog before, and will probably mention again. It’s one of my favorite website of all times and it keeps changing. The Help website promotes a beautifully designed range of products with some of the cleverest copy and visuals to be found anywhere. I keep having to make myself stop playing on it and laughing out loud. Find out the questions to the answers below (and many others) over at HelpIneedHelp

Help I...