This week’s round up of Clever Little things is love themed (mostly). How could it not be on Valentines Day?

The Google Doodle makes an appearance again (see last weeks clever little things here) with a beautiful candy hearts doodle that plays real love stories from those hit bit by cupid (and those not)

love stories

I also came across these very clever frames in South Africa. Placed at picture perfect places in Table Mountain, they are a great way to put yourself in the picture. Designed by artist Porky Hefer, these frames are great for group shots or selfies – and they made me smile. Cape Town is the World Design Capital 2014. I’ll be watching for some more Clever Little Things to come out of there. What a great way to show you love a city.

SignalHill11 table mountaindogframe

And to finish of Clever Little Things, Valentines Day 2014, I have to mention NOLA Valentines. NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) is only a few hours from here. It has it’s own unique culture and this is beautifully reflected in

will you

flirt de lis
I’m guessing that by next year lots of cities will be doing the same thing.

That’s your Clever Little Things for this week. Find out why I write this, and why I think Clever is so important in business here.

UPDATE: I was just sent this from (thanks Bry)  – Creatied by BBH Singapore. Now I’m in love.