Clever, creative ideas can help. In this week’s Clever Little Things I’ve collected a few ideas that make our world a little cleaner.

This floating billboard in the Philippines, is made of ‘Vetiver’, a type of grass that can absorb toxic material and help reduce pollution in the water.
The billboard is capable of cleaning up to 2 to 8 thousand gallons of water per day. It also serves as a reminder to people to think twice before throwing rubbish into the river.

(find out more via design taxi)

+poolThis pool, to be built in NYC, cleans the river like a giant strainer and enables people to swim in clean water. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign last summer, and with a test pool launched earlier this year, this idea is both wonderful for those who swim and the environment. Find out more here.

clean the streets

Love good street art? Hate the offensive stuff?

Now there is an app that gets the streets clean. Launched in Romania – users simply take a photo of the unwanted street art with the app, and through geotagging, a cleaning team are sent to remove it.

Released in Romania, From cleaning company, CIF, with the help of agency McCann, so far the cleaning company has removed 385 unwanted pieces of unwanted street art.

Find out more here.

6I can’t end without a link to the book that filters water – it’s such a gamechanger. Here is my post about it.