For some reason, everywhere I turned this week, a clever, originally thought-out gif awaited me – so I thought I’d share some of my favorites.  float

This .gif by Romain Laurent has me mesmerized – I couldn’t stop looking at it when I found it yesterday. See how it’s made, and find out more about the man who made it, over at


Serbian gif artist ABVH has bought Banksy to life – beautifully. I dislike when people just copy an artist but this is definitely a homage, and is delightful.


For those of you who want to know more about making gifs – and using them in Email or for promotional purposes there is a well written guide with some great examples by Jason Rodriguez – The example above shows how important the first frame is, as it doesn’t show on every client or device. Worth a read, even if you are already using them. Find it here.

Gifs can be really useful, and clever if used in the right way, at the right time. Just don’t ask anyone how they pronounce it or the debate will never end.