It may be because I’m English but a cup of tea is a great way to take a break and think of some ideas – I call it creativi-TEA.

Anytime you have a break, it’s worth looking around and seeing what ideas you can play with to redesign/market/invent new things from the things around you. Tea bags are the perfect example, and so this week’s collection of Clever Little Things are all tea bags – just to get you in the mood. Grab a cuppa and read on…

These tea bags are printed with a stressful image that turns into a calm one when submerged in boiling water. Just the thing when you need to relax. I think the bear one would just make me smile. What a beautiful idea.

calming tea

Find out more and watch the video over at Design Taxi.

Perfect for afternoon tea in the garden, or the perfect tea party, these butterfly tea bags would make anyone take a break. Designed by Yena Lee – (via yanko designs)


The House Café in Istanbul, Turkey attached cut-out images of people doing outdoor sports were to the strings of herbal tea bags – they were so popular they may create their own brand.

adventure tea

A cup of t