The Clever Little Things this week are little things – they say small is beautiful – and these things are both beautiful and clever.

coca-cola mini kiosk

To introduce their new mini cans, Coca-Cola set up mini booths on the streets of German cities. So sweet.

They made a video of the reactions:

(via design taxi)

This week I also found out about a tiny museum in NYC – it’s on the list to visit next time I’m there.

Museum (in an elevator)

Housed in a disused elevator shaft in Cortlandt Alley (just below Canal) this museum, called appropriately “Museum” contains a wonderful collection of strange objects including tip jars from around NYC, foreign toothpaste tubes, rejected Cambodian menu photography, a shoe that was thrown at George W. Bush, and children’s Disney-themed bulletproof backpacks. Doesn’t that list make you want to go?

You can find out more (and how to get there) at Pure Wow.

sad keanu

One more little thing that crossed my path recently, and that I’m slightly obsessed with. The Itty Bitty Sad Keanu (I think it’s the title that has me obsessed. available from neuralfirings on Shapeways, this 3d printed Keanu figure (which also comes in a slightly bigger version is perfect for ……………………… (insert uses for an itty bitty sad keanu here)