It’s Friday again (it seems like only 7 days since the last one) and time to highlight the little things that have made me smile this week:

Let’s start with a squirrel – and not because it’s a squirrel, but because Alite thought to print one on the inside of their backpack. (via notcot)


When you sign up for the newsletter over at Foodie Site Food52 you get a wonderful message that says “Well played, you deserve a cookie” – and yes, the link takes you through to a cookie recipe. That they thought of that gives you a clue to what to expect on the site (lots of yummyness)


Staying with Food52 I was absolutely fascinated by their Piglet Tournament of cookbooks. What a wonderful way and novel (pun intended of course) to review books. The books fight their way to the final round with comments that make you want to read every book on the list. So much more interesting than the endless book review. 2014-0109_piglet-duo-049

Questions to ask yourself this Friday.

1.Is there something you can ‘squirrel away’ for your client or customer to find later – something that will make them smile when they find it?

2.Can you show me the spirit of your site with your newsletter sign up? Make me feel like I just made a good decision.

3. What do you do that’s always been done the same way? How can it be done differently?