After the popularity of this blog post (How to make your brand more loveable in the next 15 minutes) and my realization that I’m not the only one interested in the clever little things that brand do, I have decided that ‘Clever Little Things’ should be a  feature on my blog: A round up of all the interesting little things that help a brand show they care, and make us smile.

Embassy Suites Doorhanger: I was sent this image from my friend, Abi – who knew I’d love it. This is a great example of saying “We understand you” to your customers. The fact that she took a photo and sent it to me shows that. (Thanks Abi)

Aristotles Alexander are a fairly serious technology company (and by serious I mean they are very intelligent and good at what they do)- they have managed to inject a little humor into their website by adding fun facts about their employees. Adding that Bryan has a patented dance move, or that Beth drives a pink bike around town just adds a human face to the company. Brilliant. See more at their website.


If you like this round up, let me know and I’ll make it a weekly event. And
Send me
the little things you notice – I’ll include the best ones.