Clever comes in all forms – today it’s in the ideas of a seven-year- old boy. Oliver Gallagher is a creative kid with a big heart – and a talent.

After his friend, Hannah, sold homemade cookies to buy a flock of chicks from Heifer International he was inspired. He decided that he could make prints of his drawings and sell them to buy a goat. (I predict a great future for this guy)

As his mother, Illustrator Denise Gallagher explains:

“He told me that he was proud of me for helping her out and he felt that it was a really good idea to give a needy family an animal. He liked the idea that the family could sell the chickens eggs and also eat them. He and I brainstormed an idea of what he could do to help.”

Oliver worked with his Mom to create the prints using scratch foam board and printing ink. He is a student at J. Wallace James Elementary, a Lafayette School of Choice for the Arts. He’ll be in third grade next year and one of his areas of focus is visual arts.

If you are in Lafayette, Oliver will have a table outside of Gallery R on Congress Street near Parc San Souci downtown during ArtWalk on Saturday, June 14. If anyone is interested in purchasing prints contact his Mom at There will be 4 different prints available and they will be $2 each. Find out more on Facebook.

These prints are not only super cute, help a great cause, and will make you smile – there is also a chance that you may be buying the (very) early work of a great artist.

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