Does your fundraising need a spruce up? Are you looking for a clean way to make some money for your favorite cause? If you are in Lafayette** then Classic Auto Spa have a great way for you to wash those doubts away and raise some funds… (yes, they are a sponsor of this blog and so when I hear of clever stuff they are doing I can’t wait to share it with the world).

Classic Auto Spa like to give back –  it’s one of the reasons they do what they do, and so they came up with an easy way to help anyone that wants to help themselves. It’s a very simple system. You get cards for their top exterior wash package* for only $7.50 instead of the usual $15.00 and you can sell them for any amount between $7.50 and the $15 and keep the difference…. so you could sell the cards for $12 each and keep $4.50 profit for each card and your buyers still get the $15 package. Everybody wins. You raise money, people get clean cars and an entrepreneurial spirit is born. Find out more here

*(includes Pre-Soak, Body Foamer, Wheel Foamer, High Pressure Wheel Blaster, Underbody Rinse, Triple Coat Wax, Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant, Rain-X for Wheels, Sealer Wax, Drying Agent, Spot Free Rinse, Black Magic Tire Shine, High Velocity Dryers and our powerful self-serve vacuums)

**If you are not in Lafayette, LA then why not approach a local business with this idea yourself – you can show them what Classic Auto Spa are doing and see if their hearts are big enough to do the same.