I don’t know much about yacht racing but when I saw this ad it made me smile so much I knew I had to write about it.

It’s a letter from Toyota New Zealand, a long-standing sponsor to Emirates Team New Zealand, asking the Bermudians to support their team in the upcoming America’s cup which is being held on the small island (or more accurately in the water around it)

The copy starts with “Hey Bermuda we look great together” and then compares the two places, noting how much they have in common: Island nation. Colonized by Britain, Fish, Hamilton City. It then asks for their support and (the bit that made me laugh) offers to give them the North Island if they win. Obviously there is a disclaimer in there.

In the days of ads shouting for attention, trying to shock, or costing millions to make it’s great to see a simple print ad that makes me remember it. And even has me writing a blog post about the America’s Cup. Clever.

By the way Emirates Team New Zealand won, against Oracle Team USA 7-1 in the finals. No word on that island. clever ad offers island as prize

(via BestAdsonTV) – read more about the America’s Cup here (I did)