paperboy2What happens when you rethink the bottle?

Although glass is easy to recycle it’s still heavy to carry around and transport, so Paperboy was created – a cardboard sleeve with a plastic bladder. The container is made mostly of industrial paper waste that’s 80 percent lighter than traditional glass.

“Truett Hurst estimates that one cross-country truck of Paperboy wine saves approximately 61 gallons of diesel fuel and prevents 1,365 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Paper bottles are also less energy-intensive to make, with a carbon footprint that’s 67 percent less than that of glass containers.”

The insulated design keeps wine cool longer, they don’t break, and cardboard recycles more easily and more efficiently than glass.

Available at Safeway branches in the US (for now). I would definitely pick one up, if only to feel the lightness.

Find out more about Paperboy on their Facebook page.

(via Business Week)