Business has changed (at least for a lot of us). We do jobs that don’t have proper titles and often more than one of those.

I needed new business cards and so I sat myself down and asked a lot of questions –

Why do I need cards?

Who will I be giving them to?

What do they need to say about me?

Apart from my information, what else could they be used for?

I needed cards that didn’t just say who I was but showed what I did – you can’t tell people you are creative, you have to show them.

I came up with a range of cards to solve these questions:

The call to action – “Let’s have coffee”,

The slightly cheeky “I have an Idea”, a good way to get someone’s attention

The inspirational “Creativity can save the world (and your business)” – and YES, it can.

The slightly strange “Why is there a fish on this card?” – a great question to spark a conversation about creativity (and I am collecting the best answers)

The blank note “thank you” card (that I love)

The job titles -that hopefully show what I do and that I have a sense of humor about it all.

They are printed on an amazing thick paper (32pt) that makes the whole job feel like letterpress and has a stunning blue sheet sandwiched in the middle that makes it look very expensive (and different) The cards are the new Luxe Cards from Moo –ย  I knew from the moment I saw them that they were right for this project. See more photos below… and when you meet me don’t be shy, ask me for a card so I can ask about you…