I’m a small business, a very small business – most of the time there is just me (I partner with others for projects) – I needed a range of stationery that would be low cost, amazingly adaptable and of course, fun. So with these parameters in mind I set out on a journey as fun as my business cards. The answer was a combination of stickers and very simple cards printed (digitally) with my name and one of the images from my website – They can now be invoices, thank you notes, letterheads, quotes, notes, and a whole range of things I haven’t even thought of yet. Because they were digital I can get them printed in small quantities and replenish them when I need. Gone are the days of having hundreds of letterheads stored in my stockroom. I also made sure the cards fold into the box I used to send out gift cards, promotions and other little things – those little touches are important. When a company gets the small things right, they will probably get the big things right too. I have a button maker so I added some magnets to the range – and will introduce more fun items as I think of them. Stickers aren’t just for kids anymore… they are all grown up now.

I used my sponsor Hulco, for both the stickers and the digital printing – (they have a Sign & Decal shop, a Print shop, and a t-shirt shop so I use them for most things) – and, full disclosure – my husband works there. For those of you who want to see the process, I made a video of what they did: