Kickstarter_BrandDeckYesterday I bought this great little idea on Kickstarter and I wanted to share it with you. It is very similar to the exercise that I love doing with my clients and helps them really define who they are.

It’s a simple set of cards that contain adjectives (on both sides)… for example one side may read ‘simple’ and the other ‘complex’ – you have to place it in one of three piles – ‘you are’, ‘you are not’ and ‘not applicable. Each member of the team gets to pick their own answers… and the magic happens.

At the moment I do my branding exercises with word choice, and object choice (ie. If your business was a car, which one would it be) – it’s sometimes easier to define the undefinable this way, and then have each person tell their answer and facilitate a group choice, which often results in an unexpected but simply perfect answer. I often use imagery, sounds, and tastes too, because I like to capture the heart of a business. To me this stage, isn’t just magical it’s vital – it really gets down to the brands core, and helps define the product or service in the minds of the employees, the customers, and the marketplace.  This set of cards will be an interesting addition – and I look forward to playing with them, adding to them, and probably using them in ways they were never quite intended for.

Find out more about The Brand Deck here.