I found this on Core77’s site – and loved it.

This is next door to Tom Collicchio’s new restaurant RiverPark. A “stalled” lot, a place where they started building but had to stop due to the economy, these are common in most cities at the moment was used as a temporary farm.

My favorite thing about this is how they came up with the concept :

“Thinking of the necessity of portability for the farm, Kosbau (the designer from Ore design) said, “We started with, ‘Ok, how much can a person carry?’ and we went from there. I think we sat down, and almost immediately thought of milk crates.”

If you start with identifying the right problem to solve, you have a much better chance at a great solution.

Read the whole article here and ask yourself how does this apply to what I’m doing?

Another great solution from Ore Design is coming up soon.