For the last few years I have been writing a column for a local newspaper – it’s a series of questions based on the Proust Questionnaire asked to a different person each week. It’s called the BE YOU article, as the questions tend to get to the essence of each person interviewed. I have interviewed about 220 people so far, and I’m really proud to call most of them friends (some of them I just dream of being friends with). Each person then takes a photo holding a BE YOU poster and signs a promise to always be themselves in unicorn blood. (Ok that last bit doesn’t really happen but I wish it did).

Head over to the BE YOU site to see the photos and the answers – people are fascinating. If you don’t find them so, then you just haven’t asked enough questions.

Thank you to all of you who have done this article, and all of you who will, and all of you out there who are being yourself everyday – you are my heroes

.be you