If we are friends on Facebook then you’ve probably already seen this… if we aren’t then 1. why not?  – you can find me here. 2. I wanted to share a quick fun Christmas decoration that I made at the weekend.

I went out to buy some deer (thinking Rudolph and the other reindeer who wouldn’t let him join in their games). I didn’t find deer but I did find some $3 animals at Target – a lion, giraffes, elephant and a dinosaur (of course). It was honestly all they had…

Strange Animals1
I sprayed them white:
Strange Animals2
Added some red noses (made from old Mardis Gras beads – I do live in Louisiana)
Strange Animals3
I then cut up some Magic Erases to the size of parcels (they were already in the house, light, and easy to cut). You can use anything. I wrapped them in brown paper and tied them up with string (Yes, I may have sung a line or two from The Sound of Music while doing it).
Strange Animals5
Strange Animals4
They look great on the mantlepiece and costs very little to do: Strange Animals6
You could do this with all sorts of animals..and different packages – Have some fun with it.