I expected fireworks, and not just fireworks but impressive animations over a skyline of New York City, and maybe a clever idea thrown in for good measure. I would have clicked a few times and moved on with my day. Instead I’m writing a blog post about what I found… now that’s clever.

The Google Doodle today (American Independence Day) is simple and about as American as it comes. A red, white and blue (what else) illustration of a group of animals looking at up at a sky full of stars. The image also celebrates Stephen Mather (delightfully also born on July 4th), a noted conservationist and the first director of the National Parks Service and explains: “Often hailed as “America’s Best Idea,” the NPS was created by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916. Over a century old, America’s national parks span 84 million acres and host more than 275 million visitors every year.”

Find the Google Doodle here.

Now that’s very American, and very clever. Happy 4th from this Englishwoman who has made her second home in the US.