A cafe has opened in London that charges by the minute. Ziferblat is a Russian café chain, and currently has 10 outlets in Russia. Instead of paying for items, customers pay for the space and comfort.

Customers are charged 3 pence (about 5 cents) for each minute and there is a piano for people to play, a self serve espresso machine, a cupboard with cookies, and a fridge with milk. An average cappuccino at a typical café is £2.65, which works out to about 90 minutes that a person can spend there.

The aim is to provide a very social space, with visitors even washing their own (and each others) dishes, like visiting a friends apartment rather than feeling like they are in a social club rather than a cafe.

Judging from the photo below, which is from their facebook page, it’s proving very popular. I’m definitely going to visit next time I’m home.


Clever guys, clever. Would you go? Would it work in your town.

(via design taxi) Learn more about Ziferblat here.