New posters from the Keep Calm Gallery (yes the people who originally bought you the Keep Calm print) –  I love this  Woody Guthrie’s New Years Rulin’s from The Wooden Truth.

“In 1941 the great American singer-songwriter and folk musician Woody Guthrie wrote 33 new years ‘rulins’, resolutions that he made for the year ahead (1942). These words inspired Andrew Chapman at The Wooden Truth to put a selection together in a way that he felt worked for him, creating a design that has rhythm both poetically and typographically.In Andrew’s own words “Woody Guthrie’s 33 New Years Resolutions give us a view of an optimistic, serious, sensitive, funny man. Just dealing with the nine I chose to print here presented a big challenge but nearly 70 years on can’t we all feel the resonance of the last one?”

This two colour letterpressed poster has been printed on very delicate newsprint to achieve a look and feel of being authentically 1942. As Andrew says, “they have the feel of something you’d discover pinned to the back of a long forgotten shed door.”

What would your nine resolutions for this year be? I think I might make a poster…