Every year the hunt for the perfect calendar takes place in my office, it starts in September and doesn’t finish until, well until I own the right calendar. To me, calendars aren’t really about the functional use, but about beauty and simple design.

This year I have gone with Massimo Vignelli for two of my calendars. The large Stendig (designed in 1975) which hangs by my desk (above) and his perpetually classic, MAX 365 – a simple white number on a black square. It’s expensive, but it lasts forever. I also have a second perpetual calendar that I’ve owned for at least 20 years, designed by Pino Tovaglia. The Calendone was first produced in 1987.

If you judge a year by it’s calendars then my 2015 is going to be black and white and classic – I’m good with that.

You can find these calendars at the following places (or google them quickly)  –

The Stendig is sold out in a lot of places, I found some here